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Poll: Strong majority of Torontonians think Tory deserves to be reelected

Toronto: A strong majority of Torontonians say they believe Mayor John Tory should be re-elected, according to a new poll released Wednesday.
The DART Insight and Communications poll, conducted on behalf of Newstalk 1010, showed that 65 per cent of respondents said Tory deserves another term in office while just 35 per cent said they think it is time for a change.
The poll, which surveyed 814 adults between September 16 to 19, also gave respondents a list of potential mayoral candidates and asked who is “worthy of consideration” in 2018.

According to the survey, 75 per cent said Tory deserves consideration, 36 per cent said Doug Ford deserves consideration, 30 per cent said activist Desmond Cole should be considered and 19 per cent said rapper Drake is worthy of consideration.
When asked which candidates would be given a “great deal” of consideration, 48 per cent said they would seriously consider Tory, 16 per cent said they would seriously consider Ford, five per cent said they would give a great deal of consideration to Drake and four per cent said they would seriously consider Cole.
“On this measurement alone, the formal mayoralty candidate Mr. Ford has a yawning gap behind Mr. Tory of 32 points among those who would consider either politician a great deal,” analysis accompanying the poll read.
Alternatively, when respondents were asked who they would “not at all consider” for mayor in 2018, 61 per cent said they would not consider Drake, 53 per cent said they would not consider Ford, 39 per cent said they would not consider Cole and just 13 per cent said they definitely would not vote for Tory.
“In short, Mr. Ford currently has a 5 to 1 ratio of those who would not at all consider him for mayor,” the poll analysis read.
The poll is considered accurate plus or minus 3.9 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.